Cloud services are the way of the future.  Whether you require productivity tools such as Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive, Cloud backup solutions, antispam or domain and website hosting, Loyal I.T. Solutions can offer you a solution appropriate for your needs.
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Microsoft Office 365

Loyal I.T. Solutions offers a range of Microsoft products including the cloud-based Microsoft 365 service.  Access your documents through OneDrive and email anywhere, anytime without the need for a dedicated server.  Whether you need to access your files through a web portal or prefer the comfort of installing Microsoft on your workstation, Loyal I.T. Solutions can help provide you with the Microsoft 365 product that best suits your needs.

Cloud Backup Service

How often do you rotate your backup media? When was the last time you took your backup media offsite? When was the last time you checked your backup worked? Loyal I.T. Solutions offers a state-of-the-art backup solution in conjunction with ShadowProtect backup software. Your data is backed up and sent to the secure Loyal I.T. Solutions data centre located on the NSW Central Coast. All of your data remains on equipment purchased and owned by your company. At no time does your data get stored on shared equipment. As we are on the Central Coast, if you have a disaster at your business, Loyal I.T. Solutions can physically bring your data to you, no need wait for it to be re-downloaded from the internet. Your data is checked daily for recoverability and if there are any failures in the backup, the maintenance is all covered under the low monthly fee.

Cloud Anti-spam

Do you get spam? Have you had a virus because someone sent you an infected file by email? Loyal I.T. Solutions can help. With our cloud-based anti-spam solutions, Loyal I.T. Solutions can configure and manage your anti-spam remotely. The benefit of cloud-based anti-spam is that the infected mail never gets to your mailbox, this saves in internet download costs and protects against a team member accidentally infecting the office with a virus or worse.

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