Is your computer network running too slow?  Do annoying messages and warnings pop up when you use your computer?  When was the last time you tested that your computer backup system is working properly?  If your critical files are lost or damaged are you confident you can restore your data?

Here at Loyal I.T. Solutions, we don't like to wait for things to go wrong with your I.T. systems and then react; we like to proactively manage your I.T. systems by performing routine Computer Maintenance and Hardware Checks to ensure everything runs well.  A proactive approach to computer maintenance will reduce the likelihood of business interruptions due to I.T. systems being down, and will reduce your overall I.T. costs.

Regular Computer and Server Maintenance performed at your business by our skilled Computer Technicians can take from fifteen minutes to an hour depending on the size of your computer network and include things such as:

  • Server Maintenance
  • Monitoring of disk space and memory utilisation
  • Physical check of server status lights
  • Checking of data link/internet connection status
  • Checking of backup, virus and server logs

For a small investment, routine Computer Maintenance helps keep your computer network performing at optimum levels and provides peace of mind.

To find out more about a Computer Maintenance Program for your business phone 02 4337 0700 or Contact Us today.

Managed Services

Loyal I.T. Solutions Managed Services is a remote management tool used by Loyal I.T. Solutions to monitor and manage your network and devices. We can proactively monitor your server, workstations and network equipment during business hours to ensure maximum uptime.  We can resolve issues before you are even aware of them, ensuring your business is not interrupted with down time. Managed Services monitoring includes disk space, memory usage, CPU usage, backup monitoring, virus updates/infections, Windows Updates, UPS alerts, hardware faults and uptime (amongst many other monitors).

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