Whether it is linking two computers together, supporting and configuring multiple server networks, setting up multi-site VPN's, cloud or NBN configurations, Loyal I.T. Solutions has a solution.

Peer to peer networks

No network is too big or too small.  A peer to peer network configuration will not have a file server.  These types of networks are typically 2-5 PC's, any larger and you will likely need a file server running your network.  Peer to peer networks are for businesses with a small number of users with no need for a dedicated file server.

Domain networks with one or more dedicated server(s)

These network are normally larger than 5 users or there is a specialised software running on the network which requires a server configuration.  Some examples where dedicated servers are required are SQL databases, internal Microsoft Exchange servers, SharePoint servers or Internet Information Services servers.  Taking advantage of the latest Microsoft technologies and partnering with multiple vendors with a wide variety of products, Loyal I.T. Solutions will recommend and implement a solution that will suit your business needs.

Server Virtualisation

Server virtualisation is quickly becoming the standard in multi-server installations.  Virtualisation is multiple servers operating at the same time on a single physical server.  No longer do you need a dedicated piece of hardware for every server you need within your business, now multiple servers can be run from one physical server.

Virtual Private Network solutions for user to site or site to site configurations

Using the public internet, connect your computer from wherever you are in the world to act like it is physically connected to your local network to securely access your email or other network services remotely.  Connect whole branch offices to headquarters or other branch offices.  Loyal I.T. Solutions partner with internet network solution providers to ensure you get the speed and reliability needed when connecting remote branches together.


NBN configuration

Loyal I.T. Solutions can assist with all aspects of connecting up to the NBN.  Whether you are connecting fibre to the premises or fibre to the node, Loyal I.T. Solutions has the experience to ensure a smooth transition to the NBN.



Cloud hosting

Whether you require cloud hosted email, hybrid cloud solutions or a fully cloud hosted solution, Loyal I.T. Solutions partners with leading providers to ensure you get the right advice about moving to the cloud.


Offsite backup

How often do you backup?  Who checks your backup?  Is a copy of your backup kept offsite?  If you answered "no" or "I don't know" to any of these questions perhaps a backup review is needed for your business.  With crypto-ransomware running rampant, the only way to protect against them is a bulletproof backup solution.  Loyal I.T. Solutions offer a unique cloud backup solution guaranteed to get your data back to you quickly should a disaster occur.

For any or all of the above solutions, why not ask us how?

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