For any business that shares information with staff, or has an internet connection, poor networking security is one of the biggest threats to your business.

There are several areas of concern:

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security refers to the protection of areas of your network which are exposed to the outside world, for example your internet connection.  Good networking security includes the installation and correct configuration of a firewall, the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for remote access and ensuring your data is encrypted.

Our experienced I.T. Consultants can recommend and install the hardware and software you need to help protect the perimeter of your computer network and reduce the threat of data loss and system downtime due to malicious attacks from external sources.

Workstation and Server Antivirus / Spyware

These days most people have experienced the inconvenience and damage caused when a virus infects your computer.  And as just about every PC, laptop and network server today connects to the internet to download email or browse the web using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari it is critical for each workstation and network server to run good quality, up-to-date Antivirus and Spyware software.

Protection against viruses and spyware is an essential element of networking security so as to minimise the risk of damage, data theft and costly interruptions to your business. Our experienced I.T. Consultants can recommend and install the right Antivirus and Spyware protection for your business.

Internal Networking Security

Protecting sensitive data from unauthorised internal access is just as important as protecting your computer network from external threats.

We can help implement best practice internal networking procedures on your I.T. Systems such as network password expiry periods, network data folder and share access, password protected screen savers on workstations and the regular installation of Windows and other application updates.

For all your networking security needs call 02 4337 0700 or Contact Loyal I.T. Solutions today.


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