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Get Your EOFY Tax Write-Offs

Posted by Kaylene Giff on 15 June 2022
Get Your EOFY Tax Write-Offs

Six reasons why you should embrace new technology


Loyal I.T. Solutions loves innovative technology, and we would like to remind you of why you should embrace technology for your business.


  1. Streamline procedures and practices. Using old and out of date programs or machines can make business practices slower.
  2. Increase sales and customers. Clients are happiest when they are collaborating with a company that can reduce the time needed to perform jobs. Newer digital marketing such as Facebook or other social media, is also a great tool to show customers that your company is fresh and up to date.
  3. Save time and money. Automating processes, reducing paper and mailing, updating hardware so it operates faster all ensure your business is time and cost savvy.
  4. Be more environmentally friendly. Newspaper and periodicals are becoming quickly out of date and consumers are turning to the internet to get information on a business. Digital technology helps to modernise your company but also show that you are ethical in supporting paperless advertising. By transitioning to a paperless invoicing system too, you can save more time and money as well as the environment.
  5. New technology is shiny. Tongue in cheek, I know, but studies have shown that modern technology or technological practices can increase staff morale, leading to happiness at work, team spirit and pride in the workplace.
  6. Get your EOFY benefits. You can take advantage of the asset write-off, or digital spending tax break taking on modern technology in your business. Read our previous blog for more about this (https://www.loyalit.com.au/blog/federal-budget-2022-tax-breaks-for-small-business).


Loyal I.T. Solutions is here to make sure you do not miss these benefits. Call (02) 4337 0700 or email us at quotes@loyalit.com.au to chat about updating your technology.
Author:Kaylene Giff

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