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Mick's milkshake story

Posted by Naomi McCahon on 15 March 2017

It was a dark and stormy Tuesday afternoon in mid-March, 4 dedicated Loyal team members made a sudden (but planned) attack on the West Gosford Blood bank to donate their exquisite blood. We entered the building with pride & courage due to the support we have for our dear friend and teammate Adam King.

Mick was the first in line, "Mr. Boss Man" was on the frontline, he rolled up his sleeves and ended up having to get stabbed twice for his blood to flow. He was ever so fearless, but in the back of his mind was the thought of the most amazing milkshake he would make himself as a reward for his bravery.

Next it was Naomi, she was confident when she entered the screening test, however she was knocked back into place as she was told that she had low hemoglobin levels (first time ever) and had to have further testing before she was allowed to donate she passed, as it was a false reading and has battle scars on both arms to prove she was there in the battlefield.

MT, was third in line. He was all prepared to be denied the privilege, however they surprisingly found nothing wrong with him, he had ticked all the right boxes and was marched to the donating chair. With a little apprehension in his eyes, he manned up and took one for the team.

Then it was lucky last, Raewyn a newbie to the Loyal donating team, however she was imagining she may not pass the test phase and would just enjoy the treats while watching us suffer. Raewyn was given the green light and was rearing to go, we heard a little nervous laugh as she was making her way to the chair, while hooked up to the blood sucking machine, Raewyn was told she had amazing veins and had completed her mission in less than 6 minutes.

All of us then met up at the break area, Mick made that milkshake he was visualising, MT complained that Naomi took the last chocolate muffin, but then decided that blue berry was going to be pretty satisfying, Raewyn was given "Queen" like treatment from one of the staff members offering to make her a milkshake, Mick was disappointed he couldn't show off his talents with how he can transform milk into so much more.. A milkshake!!!

We all enjoyed our outing, our task, our mission, and hopefully we helped save 12 unknown lives today!!!

Naomi McCahonAuthor:Naomi McCahon
About: Naomi started at Loyal I.T. Solutions in 2012 as the receptionist, and is currently the Business Development Manager.
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