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To update or not update - that is the question

Posted by Michael Trimblett and Deb Cashion on 26 November 2021
To update or not update - that is the question

Everyone knows that updates are important, and to update frequently, but WHY should we do it? The Australian Cyber Security Centre recommends that users “patch your operating systems and applications within 48 hours where an exploit exists” and, as we know, cyber crime is a growing concern and almost everyone can be exploited. To illustrate this, the Annual Cyber Threat Report for FY 2020-21 has been released and shows an increase of nearly 13% in cyber crimes from 2019-2021.  

So, to coincide with November being “Update Month” in the Cyber Security Business Connect and Protect initiative, we thought we might give you some insight into updates and why they are important. Hackers look for vulnerabilities in your system to get inside. If an operating system isn’t updated regularly it may leave “holes” where those criminals may enter. Windows operating systems regularly have issues that require “patches” and updates to ensure the integrity of the system (for example 815 vulnerabilities were found in Windows 10 in 2021 so far). Updating ensures that those “holes” are closed up, making it harder for a cyber-attack to be successful. It is true that some updates cause issues, such as this years “PrintNightmare” which caused a major printing issue that needed technical intervention to enable clients to print, but on the whole, regular updates help prevent vulnerabilities.

Instead of regular updates to your current operating system, you can consider updating to an entirely new operating system - for example from Windows 10 to Windows 11, which was released this year. Whilst operating system updates are encouraged, it might be best to do so with the assistance of a trained I.T. advisor or technician, as many factors can affect updates and your specialist will be able to navigate potential problems.

For information on how to patch update and much more, register with the Cyber Security Academy. Thanks to the Federal Government, this is now free for everyone.

Also, if you are concerned that you have been exposed to a cyber-attack, book for your free Federal Government sponsored one-on-one cyber security assessment today! 

Author:Michael Trimblett and Deb Cashion
Tags:Computer MaintenanceWindows Update

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