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Get the most out of your I.T. infrastructure without a physical server

Posted by Kaylene Giff on 9 February 2021

If your business operates from the cloud, you will likely not have a server on premises.  This means your laptop, PC's, tablets and/or personal devices become the front-line interface to the internet and core business applications. 


To ensure optimal productivity and security, it is recommended businesses adapt a 'fleet management' regime, including:

  • Managing the age of hardware by replacing devices based on a planned lifecycle
  • Implement a managed services system capable of monitoring all devices remotely
  • Scheduled maintenance of devices
  • Personal data (desktop, documents, downloads etc) is synchronised/backed up to the cloud
  • Regularly updated antivirus
  • Regular cybersecurity check-ups

Such a 'fleet management' regime should be adapted because PC's and other devices become more vulnerable and less efficient with age (3 years maximum is recommended) meaning your business becomes more susceptible to downtime or lower productivity due to:

  • Hardware failure
  • Slower machines or reduced processer capacity
  • Higher exposure to cybersecurity incidents


Because your devices are now the only defence between your data and hackers obtaining unauthorised access, it is even more important to keep your hardware updated and protected.


A significant point to note is that all recent PC's and laptops have a Solid State Drive (SSD); there are great advantages including faster and more efficient processing and less chance of corruption. However, there is little warning that a SSD will fail or arrive at it's end of life and it is common that data will be corrupted or lost completely if a SSD reaches capacity or fails.


While on the subject of hardware, there are growing preferences for tablets, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro. Modern tablets offer the same specifications and capabilities as a larger workstation yet is compact and able to be taken anywhere the user goes. It is also just as easy to connect it in to a docking station and interact as you would normally at a desk computer.


Contact us to discuss your requirements for protecting your business from downtime or if you would like to learn more about our Surface Pro bundles.

Author:Kaylene Giff
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