27 April 2021

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Surface Pros (and Cons!)

by Kaylene Giff and Deb Cashion
In our post of the 19th March, we raised the point that many businesses are moving toward a more mobile hardware solution by adding laptops and tablets to their fleet.  Recently, we decided to investigate one of these mobile solutions in more details. The Surface Pro has been around sinc...

19 March 2021

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Working with hardware that suits your work lifestyle

by Kaylene Giff
For as long as we can remember, the norm for a businessperson has been working at your desk, in an office, 5 days a week, except for a small portion of us who work from home or travel around.   We now find ourselves in "the new normal", where full featured portability is what...

9 February 2021

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Get the most out of your I.T. infrastructure without a physical server

by Kaylene Giff
If your business operates from the cloud, you will likely not have a server on premises.  This means your laptop, PC's, tablets and/or personal devices become the front-line interface to the internet and core business applications.    To ensure optimal productivity and sec...

21 October 2020

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I.T. hardware; essential for security and productivity

by Michael Trimblett
Governments and authorities in Australia are escalating their focus on cyber-security, including introducing more guidance, advice and mandatory reportable incidents. If your organisation is covered by the Privacy Act 1988, then the NDB (Notifiable Data Breach) scheme applies. In simple terms...

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Surface Pros (and Cons!)

Apr 27 2021
In our post of the 19th March, we raised the point that many businesses are moving toward a mor...

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