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How to ensure your I.T. is working for your business

Posted by Michael Trimblett on 14 September 2018

To be successful, a small to medium business must be seamlessly efficient and provide an outstanding customer experience. Your Information Technology should be the backbone of this goal. By investing in quality, reliable, proven I.T. infrastructure, you remove the likelihood of down-time, allowing you to concentrate on running your business and providing excellent service. Anything less will be costing you money in inefficiencies and downtime.

The Four Pillars of an effective I.T. Network

SPEED-The speed of your system impacts everything from staff productivity to customer satisfaction.  For optimal speed, you need to have business grade equipment, enough internet bandwidth, a server (onsite or remote) that can handle the workload and that is configured properly for your business.  You should also have a trusted I.T. provider that can perform maintenance on your system and head off downtime before it happens, and to respond quickly if things go wrong.

SCALABILITY- Scalability is simply the ability for your systems to grow seamlessly as your business does.  It means staying up to date with equipment, software and licensing, and being able to add users, updates, new applications or servers as needed.  A good I.T. provider will analyse your system and offer advice to ensure it will grow with you.

SECURITY- There are many ways in which small and medium businesses are vulnerable to security breaches, and the consequences can be devastating.  There are several things that need to be in place for full protection, including physical protection of your equipment, antivirus, password protections, your perimeter and the cloud, and solid backup policies. Your I.T. provider should be able to assure you that your business is secure from threats like hacking, accidents, data corruption and ransomware.

RELIABILITY- You need your I.T. system to be working for you all the time and at optimum speed. This means having equipment that is up to the task, warranty cover and the necessary backup. It also means having your system monitored and managed by a good I.T. service provider.  Your system is a bit like a car you wouldn't buy a car and then not get it serviced, expecting it to never break down.

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