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Loyal I.T. Solutions Five Recommended Authenticator Applications or Hardware

Posted by Deb Cashion on 20 April 2023
Loyal I.T. Solutions Five Recommended Authenticator Applications or Hardware


Authentication and password security is part of the Essential Eight of Cyber Security and it is strongly advised for your network security. Using an authentication application is also evidence of compliance for insurance policies and investigations.

In the past Loyal I.T. Solutions has strongly urged all their clients to implement two factor (2FA) or multi-factor (MFA) authentication. Our recommendation is to have two forms of authentication – one, a one-time passcode (OTP) via an authentication application and a back-up either via text or email, just in case your phone is unavailable. Using an authentication application or device ensures your OTP is refreshed every 30 seconds. This constant change of OTP is an extra layer of security protection that using an authenticator application offers.

Some applications or hardware also allow you to set up multiple trusted devices to access OTP for the same accounts. This feature also enables application sync over devices, meaning that if you lose access to one device, it is available and up to date on your other trusted device. Multiple device access is also quite useful in offices, where more than one person might need access to an OTP for the same account – multiple access enables this to occur, as long as the other device is activated as a trusted device. 

At Loyal I.T. Solutions we utilise authentication applications for all our accounts, ensuring higher safety and security for us and our clients. As a result, we understand authentication applications and have reviewed five of the most popular authentication applications for you, below.

Authy – This is an application that has multiple device access. This program also operates on both Android and iPhone.

Microsoft Authenticator – This is an application created for Microsoft that works for both Android and iPhone. This authenticator can also be secured by a PIN

Google Authenticator – This application that is very basic but covers both Android and iPhone. This is probably the easiest to set up, but it does not support multiple device access.

Duo Mobile – Duo is an application that is easy to navigate and set up. It supports multiple device access and requires a password login to use the application, setting an extra layer of protection.

YubiKey Authenticator - Unliked the others, which are applicationsYubiKey Authenticator is a hardware-based authentication device that supports OTP codes and offers a more secure form of authentication than software-based solutions. It works by plugging the YubiKey into a USB port or tapping it on an NFC-enabled device. There is a purchase price on this hardware, which Loyal I.T. Solutions can quote for you.


Like any security feature, MFA is only effective if installed and used correctly. Users still need to be alert for attempts via phishing, fatigue attacks and password security. If you need assistance in setting up an authentication application at your workplace, call 4337 0700 or email reception@loyalit.com.au and get some advice.

Author:Deb Cashion
About: Deb is the Administrator at Loyal I.T. Solutions. Her background in marketing and editing ensures she gets the most out of a blog. With past posts for the Tasmanian Prison Service, Shoalhaven City Council and The What Women Want political party, she brings some knowledge and skill to the table when blogging.
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