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Increasing your productivity by improving your workspace

Posted by Kaylene Giff and Deb Cashion on 2 November 2022
Increasing your productivity by improving your workspace


Do you want to be more efficient without having to learn a new process? We understand that efficiency is important, just as simplicity is appreciated which is why we are bringing you five items of equipment to increase efficiency and productivity in your workspace.


Multiple screens

Jon Peddie Research did a long-term study on dual-monitor use versus single-monitor use over the course of 15 years and found that adding a second monitor increased user productivity by an average of 42%. Multiple screens extend your visual real estate, making your workflow smoother. Multiple screens allow users to maintain multiple tabs or windows at one time and also assists the user in moving their head more, making it less prone to stiffen up. Multiple screens can be set up in either portrait or landscape, allowing those that work with tables or maps to have a larger, broader field of vision. Another bonus is that monitors are a moderately priced way to enhance your workstation.


Wi-Fi Extender

Although the NBN and 4/5G has enabled faster internet usage, there can still be dead spots when working from Wi-Fi (or wireless LAN). If a building is two story, brick, or has long and winding corridors, the wireless internet may not reach all users. A Wi-Fi extender, sometimes called a range expander, is a device used to expand the reach of a wireless network. It is installed in between the access point/router and the user's device. Wi-Fi extenders come in all shapes and sizes, for all business types. Some are as simple as plug in and turn on. The ability to access reliable network connection ensures that there is no pause in productivity.


Wireless or Bluetooth Mouse

With the progression towards more streamlined office and work surfaces, the wireless and Bluetooth mouse has become more popular. A wireless mouse is operated through a USB port “dongle” that must be inserted into a workstation whereas a Bluetooth mouse works without the “dongle” but interfaces directly with the computer as a recognised device. The ability for staff to keep their own devices when they relocate offices or use a “hot desk” is easier with a portable mouse. Not only can the user choose which device to connect to, it's also a more sanitary solution. The 'plug and play' setup also reduces the amount of wires cluttering the desk.


Docking Station

A docking station is a device that allows users to connect multiple devices at once. This could be used to work as a desktop workstation setup, or simply connect an ethernet cable and monitor. With a docking station, your device can simultaneously connect a monitor, printer, keyboard, mouse, storage, backup drives, and even a local area network (LAN). The versatility of docking stations makes it seamless working between home and the office without having to cart multiple items of equipment back and forth.


Wireless or Bluetooth headset

For those staff working in a service environment, or taking calls whilst assisting clients, a wireless or Bluetooth headset is an excellent efficiency tool. No more cramped neck and shoulders after resting your phone on your shoulder. There are many types of headsets, with some even being compatible with computer applications such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Bluetooth versions of headsets can also be used with mobile phones.


To learn more on increasing productivity by improving your workspace, call 4337 0700 or email quotes@loyalit.com.au.

Author:Kaylene Giff and Deb Cashion
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