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The Gang Gives Blood

Posted by Michael Trimblett on 28 July 2016
The Gang Gives Blood

Hot on the heels of Naomi's effort in giving blood back in April, Naomi has inspired both Michaels to accompany her in giving blood in July.

Not ones to say no to a challenge especially when it is helping the community, it was however met with some trepidation due to the size of the needles involved.  With Naomi taking the lead, both Michael's manned up enough to shake off their enetophobia, roll up the sleeve and squeeze out some life-giving elixir all for the betterment of other people.  Yes, I might be overstating it a little but, for anyone who has given blood for the first time, these are the thoughts that go racing through your mind.  Sitting in the chair, rolling up the sleeve and grasping the squeezy toy designed to improve blood flow, and mumbling the mantra of "this won't hurt", "it's for a good cause" and "we're saving lives", when suddenly the blood gathering machine starts beeping... and it's over.  Was that all?  Did the needle go in?  I don't even feel light headed!  Leaving the chair and walking in slow motion like the end of an action movie, I spy the recovery area with any number of complimentary sugary treats.  Big cookies, milkshakes, juices and lollies amongst other delicious snacks.  We all gathered in the recovery room where we recuperated satisfied in the knowledge we have just saved 9 lives.


In October, we will roll up the sleeve and give blood again, hopefully with more Loyal I.T. volunteers in tow.  Follow Loyal I.T.'s progress here.



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