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Our Team

Posted by Michael Goodwin on 18 March 2024
Our Team

TEAM - The Foundation of Success

The TEAM. Most businesses talk about their Team a lot.

You have to find the people who are good at their job, and who also fit with your current Team.

The Team has to “gel” in order to operate at its best.

And the Team has to be feel appreciated for being themselves, as well as what they bring to the workplace.

Here’s a few things we do that I hope will help you and give you some ideas for your business.

Team is one of the 10 Values listed on our Code of Honour.

Underpinning our mission of helping our clients to achieve their goals, our Code tells us about how to behave and what’s expected of us all.

Our value of Team talks about family, about acceptance, support, respect, and fun. You can read our full Code of Honour here.

The Code of Honour is introduced from the first conversation with an prospective team member and it is referred to actively within the business. First, by having it present on our website, then by having the individual points of the Code displayed prominently throughout the business.

The Weekly Team Meeting

We address the Code in our weekly team meeting, where together with the FISH Philosophy, we check in on how we have demonstrated our adherence to the Code.

The weekly team meeting is our most regular bonding of the team that takes place. This is not just an operational meeting. We check in with each, we share personally with a WIFLE (What I Feel Like Expressing). We also have a chance to present to another member a FISH card, a thank you or recognition for something they have done or how they have presented themselves during the week. Anyone can give one to anyone else for anything they deem fit.

The Monthly Outing

Once a month we take the meeting out of the office and alternatively have breakfast together at a local café or get our competitive spirit going with a ‘friendly’ game of bowling, followed by dinner at a local venue.

The Mariners

As a Major Sponsor of Mariners, we have the opportunity to attend home games together or with our family/friends.

The Annual Conference

We have our annual Loyal I.T. conference, where we get to know one another informally and share meals together.  You might know that cooking, and sharing meals with people, is a truly deep way in which Julie connects with people. We both feel that this really makes you part of our family, which is how we want our team to feel.


And then there is the further interaction of team members. To foster the development of Team, everyone is actively encouraged to seek out assistance of other team members when needed.  The technicians are extremely helpful with questions and requests from front of house members. Equally, the technicians would be lost without the support of the Admin Team, as the faces and voices of first point of contact with Loyal I.T. Solutions.

There’s a few of the things we do.

What are some of the things you do?

Where to find more information

Loyal I.T. Solutions provides advice and implementation of the right hardware and software for your business. We are here to help. Please contact Loyal I.T. Solutions at 02 4337 0700 or reception@loyalit.com.au.

Michael GoodwinAuthor:Michael Goodwin
About: Michael Goodwin began his career in Information Technology in 1992 and he brings a wealth of experience to his is current venture - Loyal I.T. Solutions. Based on the NSW Central Coast, Loyal IT Solutions services businesses large and small from Sydney to Newcastle.
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