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Enhancing Communication Efficiency with Video Messaging Tools

Posted by Michael Goodwin on 8 August 2023
Enhancing Communication Efficiency with Video Messaging Tools

Show it, say it, send it! Faster than typing an email?

In today's fast-paced business world, effective communication is essential for streamlined operations. As technology evolves, video messaging has emerged as a powerful tool to replace traditional text-based messages. In this blog, we explore the reasons behind the shift towards video messaging and introduce some popular apps, as well as the convenience of using your phone to record and send video messages.

The Rise of Video Messaging

Text-based messages, such as emails and instant messaging, have long been the go-to for business communication. However, video messaging has gained popularity due to its ability to convey information more efficiently and engage recipients on a deeper level. It eliminates misinterpretation by incorporating non-verbal cues, tone of voice, and facial expressions. Moreover, video messaging fosters a more personal connection and reduces the back-and-forth exchanges that often occur with text-based messages. 

Exploring Video Messaging Tools

There are many video messaging tools on the market. Below are a few of the most popular.

a) Loom: Loom is a versatile video messaging app that enables users to record, share, and watch videos seamlessly. It offers features like screen recording, webcam recording, and easy video editing. Loom integrates well with popular collaboration tools and provides a simple way to capture and communicate ideas effectively. It does offer a free version and includes voice transcription.

b) Berrycast: Berrycast is a user-friendly video messaging platform that allows you to create and share video messages effortlessly. With features like cloud storage and video analytics, Berrycast ensures that your video messages are not only easily shareable but also trackable and secure. Its intuitive interface makes it a great option for businesses looking to enhance their communication. Like Loom you can simply share a link to your video, or allow access to specific people using their email address.

c) Voxer: Voxer combines the benefits of voice messaging and text chat, allowing users to send voice, text, or video messages instantly. It supports real-time communication and is particularly useful for teams that require immediate responses, such as field service or sales teams. It functions similarly to your phone messaging but also has built in voice recording - you don't have to phone and leave a message, just record a voice message and send it. It is not designed to be a storage platform for your communication. 

d) Using Your Phone for Video Messaging
Another convenient option for video messaging is using your phone's built-in camera. Most modern smartphones have high-quality cameras that can capture professional-looking videos. You can record video messages using your phone's camera app and then send them through messaging apps, email, or collaboration platforms. This approach allows for quick and on-the-go communication, making it ideal for remote workers or when you're away from your computer.

Benefits of Video Messaging 

i) Improved Clarity: Video messaging enhances communication by providing visual and auditory cues that help avoid misunderstandings.

ii) Personal Touch: It allows for a more personal connection, making remote interactions feel closer to face-to-face conversations.

iii) Time-Saving: Video messages often eliminate the need for lengthy written explanations, reducing response time and increasing productivity.

iv) Enhanced Collaboration: Video messaging fosters better collaboration, as it allows for clear demonstrations, presentations, and feedback.

As businesses embrace the advantages of video messaging, it's crucial to choose the right tools for seamless communication. Whether you opt for the flexibility of Loom, the convenience of Berrycast, the instant communication of Voxer, or the ease of using your phone's camera, incorporating video messaging can significantly enhance your business's efficiency and foster stronger connections among team members.

Where to find more information

Loyal I.T. Solutions provides advice and implementation of the right solution for your needs. To find out more about how video messaging can work for you, please contact Loyal I.T. Solutions at 02 4337 0700 or reception@loyalit.com.au.

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