Modus Operandi of Cyber Attacks

Posted by Michael Trimblett on 8 October 2021
Modus Operandi of Cyber Attacks
The internet is ubiquitous. It has quickly become an essential utility like electricity and water. However, when the internet was built, it was designed with functionality in mind, not security. Definitions Cybercrime the term used to describe crimes directed at computers or other information communications technologies and crimes where computers or ICTs are an integral part of an offence. Cyber security is the practice of defending computers, networks, servers, mobile devices, data f...
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International Cyber Security Awareness Month a.k.a. “Hacktober”

Posted by Deb Cashion on 1 October 2021
International Cyber Security Awareness Month a.k.a. “Hacktober”
Welcome to International Cyber Security Awareness month, known as Hacktober. It’s a lesser-known fact that small and medium business are being targeted more and more by cybercriminals and there is a valid reason for this; Hackers tend to focus on easy and vulnerable targets-it’s a random selection based on the Hackers search on the internet for vulnerable devices, easy access or it can be a case of less savvy staff being ‘socially engineered’ to allow hacker’s a...
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Discount Deal for Trade Ins

Posted by Deb Cashion on 23 September 2021
Discount Deal for Trade Ins
Is your machine running slow?  Want to upgrade to the new Windows 11?  Want to take advantage of a smaller, more powerful and portable solution?  The answer to all of these questions is to take advantage of our trade in deal now and get the latest technology for the best price. Loyal I.T. Solutions are offering up to $250 off when you trade in your old PC or laptop. To assist you in making a decision, check out some of our great technology bundles, one of which should suit yo...
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Daily Backups

Posted by Deb Cashion on 16 September 2021
Daily Backups
We receive a constant stream of damaged or failed hard drives through our Helpdesk with the request for our technicians to recover the businesses data. These are laborious, drawn-out and costly recovery exercises and are not always guaranteed to be 100% successful. Regardless of the reason for the data loss or hard drive failure (it could be old equipment, it could be cybercrime); the data recovery progress can be avoided if you have an efficient and effective daily backup process; and don&rs...
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Spring clean your systems!

Posted by Deb Cashion on 26 August 2021
Spring clean your systems!
Spring is traditionally the time to look at cleaning, refreshing and renewing – so why not look at a spring clean for your information technology? Loyal I.T. Solutions in conjunction with Cyber Security Business Connect and Protect Central Coast have some great ideas. Put more spring in your hardware. Loyal I.T. Solutions have some great hardware bundles that will ensure you have the newest equipment that suits your needs. Bundle information is available here and includes the highly...
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Multi-Factor Authentication - cyber protection that's virtually bullet proof

Posted by Michael Trimblett and Deb Cashion on 12 August 2021
Multi-Factor Authentication - cyber protection that's virtually bullet proof
In terms of protecting access to your online files and data, often a username and a password is just not enough. Multi-Factor Authentication introduces 2 or more dimensions to unlock access and thereby ensuring only authorised people gain access. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) refers to the access of online files and databases requiring combinations of: Something you know (e.g. your username and a password) and/or Something you have (a physical devise e.g. your mobile phon...
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