Comparison – Desktop vs All In One

Posted by Kaylene Giff and Deb Cashion on 20 October 2022
Modern technology has evolved so much that we may not be up to date with what is on offer. Some savvy consumers have taken the route with a desktop (or workstation) device, and some have opted for an all in one. But what is an all in one and how does it compare to the standard desktop workstation PC (or tower). This blog hopes to enlighten the reader on the basics. The decision on whether your situation is best for an all in one or a desktop PC must also take into account yo...
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Five new ways scammers are targeting you

Posted by Deb Cashion on 12 October 2022
Five new ways scammers are targeting you
October is Cyber Security month and with this we wanted to share some of the new and different ways hackers and scammers are finding to target and attack vulnerable technology users. Although we are always here to help in the event of a potential hack or scam, below are five new ways hackers and scammers are targeting you.   1. The Spoofed Email/Text Spoofing is when a hacker or scammer impersonates you and sends an email or text to people who you do business with or kn...
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Why do you need to backup?

Posted by Deb Cashion on 20 September 2022
Why do you need to backup?
Even if you run your business with care, incidents can occur, resulting in loss of, or damage to data. What can happen if I don’t backup? Without an effective backup system in place you may be at the mercy of natural disasters or human interference. These might include the below:
  Theft, accidental or deliberate deletion of files If files are stolen or deleted, yours and your clients' confidential data is at risk. Backing up your files and emails allays this, as most backe...
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Loyal I.T. Managed Services

Posted by Kaylene Giff on 13 September 2022
What are the benefits of a Loyal I.T. managed services plan?
Tim O’Reilly, an important figure in computer journalism once stated, “we are entering a new world in which data may be more important than software”. Computerised data is a great tool for businesses, but is fallible without an effective system of storage, monitoring and maintenance.

In our previous blog we gave you an overview on what managed services are and the benefits, now our latest blog is a visual repres...
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What are managed services?

Posted by Deb Cashion on 25 August 2022
What are managed services?
Managed Services is an application that is installed on networked devices (most commonly servers and workstations) which allows your I.T. provider to monitor (in close to real-time) your I.T. infrastructure. An effective managed services plan ensures that your systems are healthy and running optimally. Loyal I.T. Solutions is a managed service provider (MSP) and under one of our managed services plans, we can provide the following (and more) services:  Patch updating (Windows updates...
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Can you recover from a Scam or Hack?

Posted by Deb Cashion on 19 July 2022
Can you recover from a Scam or Hack?
Scams have been in the media lately, with blogger Constance Hall being the victim of a scam after she sent money to a real estate agent to secure a rental property only to later find out a hacker was posing as the realtor.  In this, and other cases, you might want to know if you can recover lost money after you have been hacked or scammed. This blog aims to give you some insight into what can be done after the event of a hack or scam. Our last blog gave you hints and tips on how t...
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