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Cybersecurity Assessment and Response

Posted by Michael Goodwin on 23 February 2024
Cybersecurity Assessment and Response

Carrying Out a Cybersecurity Assessment: A Guide for Small and Medium Businesses

We all know that some of the biggest issues facing us in this technological age are scams, hacks, and data breaches. We’ve seen many examples of big businesses in the news that have had their data breached. And we certainly see plenty of examples of simple impersonations on social media.

It’s an area of business that has to be taken very seriously. There are regulations about storing (or not storing) personal and business information, and there is the need to protect ourselves from threats in the digital world.


is about protecting your business’s IT systems. It is about safeguarding your business’s financial health and reputation. It’s about ensuring your customers data is safe and secure.

It’s important to note that even a minor cybersecurity incident can have devastating impacts on a small business. In the 2021-2022 financial year, the average cost per cybercrime reported to the ACSC rose to over $39,000 for small businesses1.

A key aspect of cybersecurity is the ability to detect and respond to cyber threats. This involves having a Cyber Incident Response Plan in place to ensure an effective response and prompt recovery in the event of a security breach.

The starting point for developing a Cyber Incident Response Plan is to undertake a Cybersecurity Assessment.

Understanding Cybersecurity Assessment

A cybersecurity assessment is a process that helps you identify the cybersecurity strengths of your business, understand areas where your business can improve, and know how to improve your cybersecurity.

Loyal I.T. can carry out a simple diagnostic or a comprehensive audit; develop a strategy; manage the implementation of and provide the necessary service management.

Features of our offerings include but are not limited to: – Quantifying your network vulnerability – Quantifying your digital vulnerability – Social engineering prevention program – Confidential data security gap analysis – Security and regulations conformance – Policy creation – Mobile device security


Cybersecurity is not a one-time effort but a continuous process. Regular assessments and updates to your cybersecurity measures are essential to protect your business from evolving cyber threats. Remember, the goal is not just to protect your business but also to build trust with your customers by ensuring their data is safe and secure.

Where to find more information

Loyal I.T. Solutions provides advice and implementation of the right hardware and software for your business. We are here to help. Please contact Loyal I.T. Solutions at 02 4337 0700 or reception@loyalit.com.au.

1.       https://www.cyber.gov.au/resources-business-and-government/essential-cyber-security/smallbusiness

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