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Mastering Mobile Security

Posted by Michael Goodwin on 7 February 2024
Mastering Mobile Security

Effortless Mobile Security: Unleashing the Power of Managed Services

Smartphones are as common in business, if not more common, than computers in business.

And the use of tablets is also prolific.

Just like all pieces of equipment used in business, having the asset brings with it another piece of governance and maintenance.

The most common areas we see for concern with mobile devices are security of data, downtime through loss or damage, and processes when an employee leaves a company.

The recommendation we have for computers is the use of Managed Services:

continually monitoring your computers and networks for threats and potential other issues.

But did you know Loyal I.T. has a Managed Services offering for your mobile devices as well. Our Mobile Manager gives you all the control you need to effectively handle the challenges mobile devices bring to organizations. With everything from strong security features to help you safeguard data to quick setup for new devices, mobile manager gives you the tools you need to manage a mobile fleet professionally and efficiently.

Here's a glimpse of what Mobile Manager brings to the table:

1. Device Locator: Harness the power of built-in GPS to pinpoint the location of lost or stolen smartphones and tablets. Additionally, track the location history of a device for comprehensive oversight.

2. Application Control: Enforce corporate policies and bolster security by prohibiting specific classes of applications from being installed on corporate devices.

3. Remote Device Wipe: In the unfortunate event of a lost or stolen device, wipe all settings and data remotely, ensuring sensitive information remains confidential.

4. Disable Features: Exercise granular control by disabling individual smartphone or tablet features. For instance, restrict the use of smartphone cameras for specific users.

5. System Management: Take charge remotely by locking screens, configuring system settings, or resetting passwords on smartphones and tablets.

Our Mobile Manager isn't just a security blanket; it's a proactive solution designed to simplify the complex landscape of mobile device management. From fortifying data security to streamlining new device setups, we provide you with the tools needed to navigate the dynamic world of mobile technology effortlessly.

Where to find more information

Loyal I.T. Solutions provides advice and implementation of the right hardware and software for your business. We are here to help. Please contact Loyal I.T. Solutions at 02 4337 0700 or reception@loyalit.com.au.

Michael GoodwinAuthor:Michael Goodwin
About: Michael Goodwin began his career in Information Technology in 1992 and he brings a wealth of experience to his is current venture - Loyal I.T. Solutions. Based on the NSW Central Coast, Loyal IT Solutions services businesses large and small from Sydney to Newcastle.
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