The Essential Eight-cyber security mitigation strategy

Posted by Michael Trimblett on 19 August 2020
Before we talk specifically about the The Australian Cyber Security Centre's (ACSC) recommended Essential Eight-cyber security mitigation strategy; let's put the situation in perspective. Reports are continuing to reveal facts and stats on cyber security that are increasingly alarming for small and medium sized businesses (SMB's). There are more incidents and more dollars being lost than ever before. Let me take you through a few points. Recently, The Australian Cyber Securi...
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Phishing Emails - Don't Get Caught!

Posted by Kaylene Giff on 11 May 2020
Have you been a victim of phishing? Do you know how to recognise a phishing email?   Now that so many of us are working from home and other locations, the threat is becoming more prevalent with over 7,000 phishing scams reported in 2020 so far. Phishing is the simplest and most common method of computer-based social engineering.  A phishing attack involves crafting an email that appears legitimate but in fact contains links to fake websites or to download malicious content...
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Meet our Staff

Posted by Kaylene Giff on 20 February 2020
Loyal I.T. Community
Apart from being known as the leading provider of I.T. solutions to businesses, Loyal I.T. Solutions are also a significant part of the local community. Our charitable commitment teamed with our employee's individual efforts are a constant reminder of how we act out the Loyal I.T. values. To highlight these efforts, we will be bringing you a blog series for you to get to know the fabulous team that is Loyal I.T. Solutions. To kick things off, let's start w...
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Supporting the Community that Supports Us

Posted on 10 July 2019
At Loyal I.T. Solutions, all staff are encouraged to get involved with our local community. It is one of the core values in our Code of Honour, and we have many initiatives for staff to dedicate time or resources to help support the community that supports us. Some of our initiatives include: Blood and Plasma Donations Every quarter, a number of staff on our team head down to the local Red Cross to donate blood or plasma. Plasma can be used in 18 different treatments, some of which...
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Windows 10: Better for Business

Posted on 30 April 2019
With more than 800 million users, the Windows 10 operating system has had a faster adoption rate than any other version of Windows. It has also recently been crowned as the most popular operating system for desktops, running on 44% of all computers across the globe.  Windows 10 has kept the familiarity of a classic Windows interface, while achieving major improvements in terms of security, efficiency, and performance. Market research company Forrester has put these claims to ...
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Windows End of Life Announcement Means Business Risk

Posted on 27 February 2019
CHECK NOW AND PLAN FOR ANY NECESSARY UPGRADES It's time to upgrade your Windows 2008 and/or 2011 servers. After years of declining support from Microsoft, there is now an official date of when these server operating systems will be classed as "end of life" and will no longer receive support. Less than a year away, Microsoft are urging all businesses using these servers to upgrade to newer software (such as Windows Server 2019) by January 14, 2020. The followi...
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