The End is Nigh for Microsoft's Windows 7 Operating System

Posted on 6 February 2019
  Support for Windows 7 will cease in January 2020; are you prepared? As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Over the recent years, Microsoft has slowly been scaling back support for the Windows 7 operating system, but in January next year support will officially come to a close. When Windows 7 becomes end of life on January 14 2020, security vulnerabilities and software bugs will no longer be patched by Microsoft - which could leave your machine ins...
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Hacking - A sophisticated threat to business

Posted by Michael Trimblett on 25 January 2019
Unfortunately, a business was harmed in the making of this true story.

"Your files have been encrypted. Please submit payment within 48 hours to restore your data." Can you imagine turning on your computer tomorrow and finding all of your business data inaccessible?  Could you continue trading, or would your business come to a halt?  This is the precise scenario a small business was recently faced with. The business owners in this article, like many pe...
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How to ensure your I.T. is working for your business

Posted by Michael Trimblett on 14 September 2018
To be successful, a small to medium business must be seamlessly efficient and provide an outstanding customer experience. Your Information Technology should be the backbone of this goal. By investing in quality, reliable, proven I.T. infrastructure, you remove the likelihood of down-time, allowing you to concentrate on running your business and providing excellent service. Anything less will be costing you money in inefficiencies and downtime.
The Four Pillars of an effective I.T. N...
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Scam Alert! Aug 2018

Posted on 1 August 2018
The latest phishing attack has made its way to the Loyal I.T. helpdesk today - with a cleverly disguised PDF attachment that asks for your email credentials.

You may have email correspondence back-and-forth with a potential client or customer that on the surface appears legitimate, but quickly goes sour once they attach a PDF document they say is related to their query, or is confirmation of their purchase.

This PDF may also appear legitimate - with a warning inside that says it ...
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Business data backup by the numbers 321

Posted by Michael Trimblett on 11 June 2018
Like currency, your business data is life-blood; and there are many ways that business data can be lost. Why is a reliable backup process necessary? Small to medium-sized business are statistically more likely to lose data and it can be devastating. Here's why: You lose a big part of your currency to operate You spend a significant amount of time and money re-working important files You could be unknowingly contravening the privacy act Unscrupulous people ...
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Most businesses must now report data breaches

Posted by Michael Trimblett on 9 May 2018
Protecting your business data is no longer just common sense The chances are that if you experience any form of data breach, then not only is your company's information at risk but you are also at risk of breaching the privacy act. It's often assumed that data breach only means being hacked by a sophisticated gang from a rogue nation trying to influence votes or steal national secrets; It is more often associated with the wrongful acquisition of personal information that is res...
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